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Design Solutions provides high end Web management results for less. The ©WMS Web Management System uses proven open source Web technology to create a series of integrated Web Management Modules which automatically produce calendars, versioned content, site search, RSS feeds, newsletters, catalogs and more. Design Solutions has created award winning Web sites using these systems. Our base level Web Management System has the features you need to get your site up and running with a dynamic content management system. Learn more about our standard Web site features.

Web Management System

©WMS allows staff to manage your Web site easily through your own personal Web interface. A cascading security system allows for multiple security levels of publishing clearance established through the Site Control Panel. ©WMS also provides versioning and scheduled backups.

Design Services

Our design services are top quality producing a wide of a variety of styles, palletes, and themes designed to your specifications. Our graphic, Web Site, and application design resources are built around the principle of using the highest standards and producing solid, stable, reliable, and easy to use Web tools.

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Spend Less.Save up to half the cost of your current budget for Web development costs by using the Design Solutions ©Web Management Modules. We use the latest XHTML standards so that you get the highest quality results that will provide the most accessible Web site possible.

Call 920-568-3468 now or contact Design Solutions to discover new ways to take full advantage of the Web, free up resources, and decrease your Web development expenditures.

To learn more about Design Solutions services and product line and how it can help you affordably take full advantage of the Web, call 920-222-2357 now.

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